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Become a member

Personal guidance in a strong union

Spillerforeningen (SPFO) – Society of Professional Footballers – is the union for all current and former footballers playing in Denmark.

SPFO has been instrumental in securing and systemising pension schemes, insurances, education and several other important matters to you as a professional footballer.

The SPFO is the only organisation solely for the players. We represent you and we make sure, that your voices and views are represented to the stakeholders and governing bodies within football.

Ready to help you

We are committed to help and support you in both your footballing career and life off the pitch.

SPFO is your stakeholder and we work for the wellbeing, rights and working conditions for you and all your footballing colleagues.

Spillerforeningen has helped to ensure:

  • The first collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in Danish football
  • An agreement for a profitable sporting pension
  • CBA’s for the Danish National Teams. Men, Women and Under 21
Thomas Lindrup

Thomas Lindrup

Head of player consulting

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A membership that pays off

Holiday pay and pensions

You are always entitled to holiday allowances and pension as part of the CBA between Spillerforeningen and clubs. However, it can be difficult to figure out, if your club pays you the correct amount. Spillerforeningen can accurately calculate this and make sure that your club complies.

Contract negotiation

Get access to counselling from our experienced player advisors. They have substantial knowledge of Danish clubs and leagues and can give you both an evaluation on how you will fit into a specific club and advise you on salary etc.

Insurances and work-related injuries

As footballers we risk getting injured. Therefore insurances are an important and necessary part of being a professional athlete.

We are ready to help and guide you if you get injured. Our legal team assists you with your specific case and possible insurance claim. We will make sure that you get the best help possible and the compensation you are entitled to.

Statement of claim and legal counselling

As the players union we have represented a long list of members in the Danish judicial system regarding a wide range of cases. From injuries and insurance claims to wrongful dismissals and principle cases.

To give you the best advice and counselling possible, we have partnered up with Kromann Reumert, one of the leading law firms in Denmark with experts within all areas ready to help you.

Pension schemes, sports saving and insurance

Through the CBA, SPFO have secured pension schemes, sport savings and insurance for all players. Our partner WillisTowersWatson has some of best advisors within pensions, sport savings and insurance helping you optimizing your output.

Always at your service

Always at your service

Dame N’Doye »felt safe all the way« as The Danish Football Players' Association helped him with the paperwork regarding his injury during his latest spell at F.C. Copenhagen.

More than football

More than football

While being a professional athlete in Denmark you might still want to develop personally, do higher education or look to get a job next to the sport.

In 4player we've made an overview of our various options for international players in Denmark, and we're ready to help and provide guidance within both education & development, job & career as well as mental health.

Membership fees for contract players with a CBA
Contract typeHalf-yearly contingent
Full time Kr. 2.460,-
Full time basic*Kr. 1.540,-
Part TimeKr. 1.230,-
Secondary EmploymentKr. 720,-
TraineeKr. 360,-

The membership fee is tax deductible – If you give us your civil registration number (cpr-number), your membership fee will automatically be added to your tax papers.

* Full-time basis is for members on a full-time contract with a salary of less than DKK 27.001 a month. Coverage is exactly the same as full time. In order to be registered as this member type, it is a requirement that you sign up for direct debit (Betalingsservice).

Membership fees for contract players without a CBA
Base salery per monthHalf-yearly contingent
Kr. 27.001,-Kr. 2.460,-
Kr. 24.803-27.000,-Kr. 1.540,-
Kr. 13.653-24.802,-Kr. 1.230,-
kr. 4.437-13.652,-Kr. 720,-
kr. 0-4.436,-Kr. 260,-

The membership fee is tax deductible – If you give us your civil registration number (cpr-number), your membership fee will automatically be added to your tax papers.

Our player consulting team provides individual and competent advice

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